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Oct. 19th, 2011

Capture this moment, own it.

Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted in one moment
Would you capture it or just let it slip?

If you watched the vignettes or listen to the people on the Internet (they are all knowing you know!) this has been four years in the making for me. I guess a part of me agrees with that, yet at the same time I feel like it was a much longer time in the making. I walked into a six sided TNA ring over all those years ago not really knowing what to expect. I had been a big pretty fish in small pond on the Indy scene (in my own mind) and this was a whole new ball game for me. There were girls there like Traci, Jackie and of course Gail who could legit flat out go in the ring. I had been just a little bit cocky thinking that I was walking in there after having been a world champ and figuring I was gonna pick up another one no problem.

Totally blonde on my part, the hair dye I was using was affecting me big time. There was no way that I was ready to hold that title not just because in the ring they were far superior, but my attitude I think left a lot to be desired and I had a hell of a lot more to learn about being a wrestler. I had to start over at negative zero and work my way up.

All this was nothing anyone told me, it was something I decided to do on my own. Just like when I first decided to become a wrestler I went out and I hit up people that would help me in my quest. I learned a lot from the various men and women in TNA over the years. Lauren and I became friends and when we finally got a chance to go out there and do our thing, we both learned from a guy who was part of one of the best tag teams/stables out there Oh You Didn't Know? A few people always questioned the whole Kute Kip angle, personally I don’t care if people didn’t get it, I just could not be more grateful for all of his insight into wrestling as a whole. To have him take us serious as wrestlers, point out what we did right, wrong, and what we could do to improve meant a lot to me. The Beautiful People took off, got people looking at us maybe in large part to the ring entrance, but what I would like to think kept them coming back was the entertainment we brought along with our work in the ring. We were Mean Girls in wrestling tights the thought was ours originally got copied but we did it in a way that I made a mark as far as womens tag teams go. I have said it already and I will say it again we need more of that in our division to further solidify those tag belts Brooke and Lisa have. I am happy having held those tag belts and would like to see that portion of the division showcased more. I have been thinking back to all the women who I have stepped into the ring with and against. I already mentioned some but there are some like:

Becky. I have been in the ring with her and you better believe that this girl has what it takes. Thing about her is she is good in and out of the ring, she is a hell of a worker and you better believe I picked up some stuff from her! She can call herself a train wreck, but I know better.

Shelly. Oh how I love me some Shelly! I miss having her around the locker room! You want to talk about someone who was always ready to throw down in the ring, and who had really great ideas about not just her own storylines but she was always trying to help push others. That is selfless, and not a whole lot of people in this business would do that.

Last but certainly not least, Shannon. Before I knew her as Shannon, I saw her work as Daffney and something about her just made you love that Scream Queen!

When she came to work for TNA by that time we'd already become friends and I was there to watch Shannon take some of the sickest and craziest bumps any woman has ever taken for this company. Thumbtacks, barbwire, and I will not even talk about having that match with someone so fucking green she should have been grass and not in a damn wrestling ring. Fact of the matter is, Shannon did all anyone could have asked and then some. She literally put her body out there on the line.

My point is that they all worked so hard and never gotten the nod for this title, I may have the title around my waist but this in my heart is for them as well. I may not have a long reign as champion, but all I want to do is really represent all my girls who came into this place and set out with a goal, to show the world that they are the best. Each one of them along with myself had something to prove, hell I feel like I still do. It may have been a long time in the making but really four years in the making does not seem so bad to me. 
I made a promise that before the end of the year, that I would have the title around my waist. It was not a flash back to my cocky self, it was just reaffirming to myself and anyone who cared to listen that I have done so much and come so far, and truly for me the sky’s the limit. ;

I did not mean for this to take this long, I have to make a Starbucks run, PSL and oatmeal, being the champ does not get me out of 'making' breakfast.


Jun. 26th, 2011

let me clear some issues

First off I am not for Britney Spears initials, that’s no B.S. at yo request…
Hold on a second. I am suppose to be writing an update right? Instead I am sitting here getting my Pandora on, while I have a few minutes to spare. If there is anything you really need to know about me it is that I am an avid music lover. I have literally exploded iPods to the point of overloading them because I will listen to and download pretty much everything. I know that music for most of us is one of those things that goes along with maybe a work out or gets your juices flowing right before you head out for a match. But for me sometimes there seems to be a constant soundtrack running in my head. Music is almost as much a part of me as breathing.
How would I start out musically?

Maybe just something hardcore almost like a summary?

Pitbull  )
Alright that is not quite a summary but it is one hell of a song. The real beginning would be be how I got into the business. I am sure that my story is similar to a lot of other peoples, so I won't hash out all the details. But when I finally got to training, everyday I was literally in pain. My trainers did not hold back on me, in fact I found out later that they went after me harder then everyone else. But no matter how much pain I was in every night when I went to bed, every morning I would get up EXCITED to go back in the ring again.

Fast forward to me during the Talia Madison days. I was teaming up with the one and only April Hunter. If you don’t know who she is, well I can’t say if that is a good or a bad thing. All I can say was that at the time everyone was warning me against her. But being young and more then a bit cocky I pretty much blew off those people and went on a wild and crazy ride with April. At the time it seemed like the way to go. I was getting known on the Indy circuit, winning tag titles, and the partying and fun was second to none. Eventually the ride did come to an end, a very bumpy one. I had a huge falling out with April that really didn’t get resolved to just this year.
You live you learn, yes that is Alanis Morissette for anyone out there keeping score. She is yet another person whose music comes up a lot in the musical of my life. I can’t talk life without talking about love. Not that I am going to run down the list of relationships I have been in. They all had their moments, good, bad, and everything else that comes in between. At this point, it does not matter who was right, who was wrong because the past is the past. The one thing I can say that really came out of one particular relationship is a lifetime of friendship and caring. Shane is and was one of my very best friend. What happened to him and Karen I would not wish on anyone. To say that I am happy they are alright is an understatement. The fact that he is on the road to recovery and with a woman he is in love with, well that makes me evern happier. Like I said, he is my best friend.

Right now at work things have been in short, great. Yes, I know that every week on television you see yours truly taking a beating at the hands of the likes of Jackie and Jess (ODB if ya nasty!) But I take pride in the fact that the women on our show are taking center stage. Seriously, when is the last time you saw two women’s matches on the same show that went for more then 3 minutes? I will admit that while it may not seem like I am having a successful go of things, I am not worried. I am loving what I do, I enjoy showing people my skills, and shutting them the hell up. For a large part of my career, my look may have opened the door, gotten me noticed but my in ring skills are paying the bills. The things being yelled at me right now, while back in the day they would have bothered me, but now, I find it funny. I was on twitter and someone actual wrote to me, “You can’t be mad if they call you a slut, it is on your tights.” Clearly someone needs to invest in not just high definition for their television but they should get a clue. My tights read “Skye” but hey I cleared that right up cause the next time my tights had a bit of sign language across them. I thought it was pretty funny myself but to all the people who just plain old down right don’t like me, I say read my ass then kiss it, oh and by the way Fuck You!
P!nk  )

Pretty much all that needs to be said is that I am not changing for anyone. I have grown into my skin so to speak.  I know what I want, and I am not afraid to speak up about it. No longer do I feel like I should be timid or hold back. I am living and loving all out, balls to the wall! Alright I said I wouldn’t speak about former love or lovers and I won’t too much except to clear up yet another rumor. Most people have linked me with one of my coworkers. Now I will be the first to admit, Josh is truly a one of a kind guy. He and I are very close and will continue to be friends but we are not dating. Am I involved with someone? Curious minds always want to seem to know the answer to that question.
So I am heading back to Orlando for work….
What? Yeah I know I didn’t answer the question. Simply put. Yes, I most certainly involved. He is pretty much leaning toward being a lazy son of a bitch hoarder, or not. His words, not mine. Either way it goes, I think I have come up with a job that will keep him very busy no matter what happens in his future endeavors. He came along when I was pretty much content doing my own thing. I guess that is usually what happens.!

Right now we are both taking our time just enjoying the each others company and getting to know more about each other. This last stretch of days off was an opportunity that we took full advantage of. I learned some interesting facts about myself. (I am squishy and I really know how to really spoil a man…Cooking! Who knew that would really work?) Time seem to fly all too quickly because we have to go our separate ways. Back to work which does suck, but we’ll figure things out. I am excited to get back to work. Like I said before having the Knockouts be a huge part of things is important to each and every one of us girls backstage. I have had a few people ask me about why I haven’t had my chance to be the Knockouts champ yet. I don’t know what the simple answer to that question is really, but I can tell you that from where I started years ago to where I am today are light years apart. I have worked harder and harder everyday to prove myself. I am happy with all that I have accomplished and I know that one day all my hard work will pay off.
I think I have come full circle because once again the Scorpions said it perfectly for me.

I can feel I'm getting stronger, the longer
I'm pushed to the limit
Said I'd do it someday
Someday is now
When I see the the sun is shining, I'm flying
There's no time for crying
I'm gonna win someday

May. 25th, 2011

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